Tattoo Innovations Impresses Potential Investors

The local owners of North East Tattoo Piercing and Removal and Fade Away Tattoo Removal are setting their sights on becoming the premiere innovators in tattoo application and removal. They joined together to create Tattoo Innovations, which is the brainchild of two minds – an artist and a doctor. Their collective love of entrepreneurship brought them together to create a product that has a lofty goal:  to revolutionize the tattoo industry completely. To help them reach this goal, they set out looking for investors.

Because no person could ever meet every potential investor around the entire world, they contacted Curly to create a promotional video highlighting not only their product and its goals, but also their personalities in order to tell their story to investors around the world.

So keep your eyes and ears open. Someday Curly might be announcing the success of their most recent product line.

Until then, it’s a secret. Shhh.