It’s Not Easy Being Evergreen: Festival of Nations Video.

Kermit the frog was right; it’s not easy being green, or “evergreen,” but it’s the color you want your promotional materials to be.

Promotional materials are  always in need of a refresh simply because people, clothing and ways of communicating change.

For our client, Festival of Nations, Curly set out to provide them with a piece of promotional material to stand the test of time: an evergreen video.

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We call materials evergreen because the content and look focuses on overarching themes, and avoids placing dates, times or other time stamps. While Curly would use focused and timely themes or data for news promotion, for the long view of a company, evergreen options are always needed.

So, it’s not easy being evergreen. It takes vision, direction and execution. Our client Festival of Nations is pleased with the result. We hope you are, too.

Curly is proud to have helped make the promotion of Festival of Nations evergreen.