Festival of Nations: Not just a clever name. #curlythought

We are taught to never write how we speak. And we never speak how we write. We write for speech, but take speech and put it into writing. And,if writing and speaking are the core of communication, why can’t/don’t they match? #curlythought

The speed of thought, free recall, and the speed of formulating cohesive sentences probably are at fault. Even the social pressure of taking your time to respond might factor in. Regardless of the reason, it’s always important to knowing when you interview someone, you need to direct them with your words to help them create a golden sound-byte.

And Curly: Creative. Communications. did just that for our recent work with the Festival of Nations to create its new promotional video. Over the past few months we’ve been busy organizing, interviewing, and editing.

Along the way, we talked to a lot of people. We received a lot of insight, great sound-bytes, and, well, some not so great. One subject, who shall remain nameless, was asked, “If you can remember your first time at the Festival of Nations, what was your reaction?” The response was, “I was like, wow, this is what I was looking for, a festival of many different nations under one roof.”

While the subject was able to identify and expand on the very succinct name Festival of Nations, the emotion was there, but the words around them weren’t … except for one shiny piece of gold:

Through the magic of editing, Curly caught a good sound-byte. “Wow, this is what I was looking for” … The rest, well, we left on the cutting room floor.