DaVinci Academy gets a redesign.

DaVinci Academy is a Charter School that has been serving students from K-8 with a wonderful academic environment in which to grow.

Curly was called upon to make their logo and their tag line meet those expectations. We gave them a logo and a tag line with a story.

DaVinci Academy Logo - HorizontalA DRAFT IN PROGRESS
We removed most of the detail, but enough to make out that the man is unfinished. The unfinished circle and square unfinished also reinforces the idea of a drafting table. Just like at a Vitruvian Man draft still in progress, education is a continual process, and one even adults are continue to sit at the drafting table working through that next curve or line. DaVinci gives its students the tools to cultivate the details to their own draft. The grey color supports the idea of a draft, but also the idea that you can erase and start again, just as an education isn’t a fixed goal, but an ever-evolving one.

DaVinci Academy Logo - VerticalTAG LINE
And we provided a tag line that captures the essence of not only the man, but the mission of the school:

“Cultivating Curiosity | Igniting Excellence”

Leonardo DaVinci was a man known for his “insatiable curiosity” — a value the school wishes their students to emulate, and one that DaVinci needed to be a master of art and science.

Cultivation is an organic and gentle word that revolves around hands-on activities that require time, patience, and commitment to master.

Igniting is a harsh physical word that’s palpable, percussive, and powerful. The action of striking, the sound it makes, the number of attempts it takes to make a spark, the flash of the spark, and the fire it creates. It captures the continual hard work teachers do daily in order to inspire students to excellence.

Excellence is the ultimate goal in not only education, but life, and its lifelong pursuit continues to propel students, teachers, and parents forward.