A Governor, CEO, and a Sledgehammer

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.01.52 AM
When our client Bell International Laboratories decided to expand to a new facility, Curly created an event that attracted a governor and the media.

We asked CEO Mo Saremi to swing a sledgehammer into a wall. Visually appealing, and different, this was a strong hook for media.

With a business success story that survived and thrived through the Great Recession, with more jobs to be added in the state added, this was a hook to bring in a governor.

With print stories in the Star Tribune, Finance & Commerce (to name a few), with mentions in the morning news and recaps in the evening, this story captured the attention of the media. And now industry publications are starting to take notice.

This will be the first of many great Bell Labs stories that Curly helps communicate to the media.