A family brand on Saint Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day is our day to remember Irish culture.

For Curly, it’s a day to remember that Irish culture helped create our idea of brand. As a people formed around clan culture, the families differentiated themselves and told their story with logos centuries before Apple, Heinz, or Ford.

This form of visual communication is the same as it was centuries before: it’s simple and striking, an idea visualized, and a powerful flag to rally around.

And, whether that logo is two lions holding a bloody hand (quite a story there, O’Reilly clan) or an Apple with a chunk bitten out of it, make sure your business is telling the story your customers and clients want to rally around.

So let’s raise a glass to Ireland and toast a centuries-old tradition of branding!


John Signature

John Komarek, Principal

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Mina Saremi, Account Director