satintouch reinvented

Satin Touch, Inc. is a company that is like any good magician – you always see the result, but never the process of their work – but are always impressed with the result. Their business specializes in turning-over apartments, cleaning, painting, and maintenance for residential and multi-family homes. It’s a job that an end customer always sees, but only the direct client knows about.

That’s where Curly came in, to rebrand the company and to help tell that story to a wider audience and new markets.

Armed with a brand new logo highlighting the pillars of their service, and a tag that reflects the work they do, satintouch is poised to make an impact in the painting and cleaning market.

Curly creations with satintouch:

Logo – Showing the variety of color and the pinwheel shows the all encompassing services that cross a wide spectrum. Each color, resembling a team of people surround a focal point, a star, which represents their “Eye for Detail” process.

The word ‘satin’ in bold butted up to a thin line ‘touch’ displays the artistry and precision of their services. We also reinforced the bold and light font style in all copy as a standard for all their communications.

Satin Touch Logo (transparent background)

Tag “Rooms Reinvented” – Wherever satintouch works, their palate is always the same: a room. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or artistic styling in rooms of all income levels, the result is a room that’s reinvented.

Website – Not only was it redesigned to fit the new brand, but it was reworked to give the client more control over their process and workflow.

satintouch Quarterly – A quarterly print publication where Curly tells the ongoing story of the work satintouch does not only on the job, but in the community.

Trade Show Booth – Curly created their traveling billboard to catch trade show attendees eyes, and reinforce the brand we helped create.