New Client: Deutsche Tage

Curly: Creative. Communications. is proud to announce that we’ll be getting German again.

After multiple successful campaigns with events like GermanFest Minnesota and Saint Paul Oktoberfest, we’re proud to announce that be working with the Germanic-American Institute (GAI) on their oldest continuing event: Deutsche Tage or “German Days.” 

“Working with GAI on their banner event is a testament to the great work and our continuing expertise in branding and marketing Germanic-American organizations and events.” Principal John Komarek said. “While we help promote the ‘beer and cheer’ aspects of an event, we also are dedicated to leveraging those expectations in order to communicate the deep cultural value events like Deutsche Tage provide for our communities.” 

The 58th annual Deutsche Tage is on June 10-11, 2017 at the Germanic-American Institute on Summit Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota.